Prague Eternal



                                                         LOCATIN / SITE / VENUE


Dear players,

I have updated the following informations:


Saturday Legacy decklists can be found here




As you are asking me for the location, here is direct link to it:



You can find the prize pool here:

Prague Eternal 2016 - 1st - Schedule

If you win the Friday Vintage tournament, you will also be qualified for the Asia Vintage Championship + will win 500 EUR voucher for the flight ticket


Commander - B/R list

Tournament schedule
Old School - B/R list + allowed sets

More informations to come.


Dear players,

We are happy to announce next date of Prague Eternal 2016 tournament.

Tournament will be held in Prague at usual place in the dates:

11. - 13. 3. 2016

As usually formants will be:

Vintage, Legacy, Modern and also now popular Oldschool.

In the near future, you will get more informations here like schedule, prizes and so on.

Stay tuned


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