Prague Eternal

For vendors

If you are a seller and want to have your table at the venue, let us know at PRAGUE.ETERNAL@EMAIL.CZ to get the conditions.

Fixed amount of vendors is set to 3 BIG (shop) vendors and 3 SMALL (private person) vendors.

3 out of 3 SMALL vendors is used.

2 out of 3 BIG vendors is used.

There is last remainig spot for the vendor - shop.


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Ross VS. Brad: G/R Aggro VS. Sultai Midrange - Round 1!, by Brad Nelson

It's a matchup of the bold and the beardiful this week on VS! For Standard, Ross Merriam has borrowed a G/R Aggro decklist from Brennan DeCandio. Can it withstand Brad Nelson's Sultai Midrange build?

8 Keys To Winning In Standard Now, by Ari Lax

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Pro Tour Champion Ari Lax has tested enough and he's ready to rule! This Standard is healthy, but it's also exploitable. He has an excellent guide that sums up his testing work perfectly for your upcoming IQs and the SCG Worcester Classic!

Diving Into Pauper Finance, by Chas Andres

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The Pauper train keeps on rolling! And what's not to love? Affordable? Check! Diverse meta? Check! So what does Chas see financially in this format? Surprisingly, the answer is a lot!

Video Daily Digest: The Puppeteer Clique, by Ross Merriam

The most prestigious rogue group in Standard continues to exist after all the bans! The puppet masters never stray from their mastery over one of Standard's most constantly fascinating strategies! Here's the latest version!

Bringing The Law, Bringing The Law, by Bennie Smith

We're guessing Azor isn't a Judas Priest fan, but Bennie Smith is willing to forgive that! With so much sweetness going on in this week's Commander build, you could almost say it's a...revelation.